rule1 W2S2 [ru:l] n
5¦(grammar/science etc)¦
6 the rule of law
7 the rules of natural justice
8 rule of thumb
9 make it a rule (to do something)
10¦(for measuring)¦
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: reule, from Latin regula; REGULAR1]
an official instruction that says how things must be done or what is allowed, especially in a game, organization, or job
→↑law, regulation ↑regulation rule of
The rules of the game are quite simple.
The rules are less strict in the local county court.
If you break the rules, it just spoils the whole game.
You have to follow the rules precisely in order to lose weight fast.
her refusal to comply with the club rules
We might be able to bend the rules just this one time.
The point of having the European Union is to make everybody play by the rules .
Is it against the rules to talk?
Under the rules of the International Cycling union, an eight day delay is allowed.
It is not a crime, though it is a breach of stock market rules .
Rules are rules and it's my duty to enforce them.
I'm sick of all their petty rules and regulations.
School rules required all girls to tie back their hair.
2.) ¦(ADVICE)¦
what you should do in a particular situation, or a statement about this
There are no hard and fast rules (=clear and definite rules) about what to wear to classes.
rule of
There are two basic rules of survival.
widespread acceptance of certain rules of conduct
One of these unwritten rules is that parents should play with their children.
The rule is : if you feel any pain you should stop exercising immediately.
3.) ¦(NORMAL/USUAL)¦ [singular]
something that is normal or usually true
as a (general) rule
As a general rule most students finish their coursework by the end of May.
Early marriage used to be the rule in that part of the world.
A series of payments used to be the exception rather than the rule .
Unfortunately there is an exception to every rule .
the government of a country or area by a particular group of people or using a particular system
under ... rule
people living under communist rule
the end of colonial rule
a period of military rule
direct rule from Westminster
the restoration of majority rule (=government by the party that most people have voted for) to Northern Ireland
a statement about what is usually allowed in a particular system, such as the grammar of a language, or a science
rule of
the rules of English punctuation
6.) the rule of law
a situation in which the laws of a country are obeyed
We are here to uphold the rule of law.
7.) the rules of natural justice
what people believe to be right and fair
The governor failed to observe the rules of natural justice.
8.) rule of thumb
a rough figure or method of calculation, based on practical experience
As a general rule of thumb, children this age should not spend more than one hour on homework.
9.) make it a rule (to do sth)
to try to make sure that you always do something
I make it a rule never to mix business with pleasure.
10.)¦(FOR MEASURING)¦ old-fashioned a ↑ruler
work to rule atwork1 (32)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
strict rule
unwritten/unspoken rule (=an unofficial rule that everyone knows about)
break a rule (=not obey a rule)
follow/obey/observe the rules
comply with the rules (=obey the rules)
bend/stretch the rules (=do something that is not normally allowed)
play by the rules (=do what is expected and agreed)
against the rules (=not allowed)
under the rules (of something) (=according to a particular set of rules)
breach of the rules (=when someone does not obey the rules)
rules are rules (=used when you are saying that a rule cannot be broken)
rules and regulations
rule 2
rule2 v
4 rule the roost
5 rule somebody/something with a rod of iron
5 rule somebody with an iron fist/hand
6 somebody/something rules
7¦(draw a line)¦
Phrasal verbs
 rule something/somebody<=>out
1.) ¦(GOVERNMENT)¦ [I and T]
to have the official power to control a country and the people who live there
Queen Victoria ruled England for 64 years.
African tribal societies were traditionally ruled by a council of elders.
rule over
Alexander the Great ruled over a huge empire.
He announced that henceforth he would rule by decree (=make all the important decisions himself) .
if a feeling or desire rules someone, it has a powerful and controlling influence on their actions
the passion for power and success which rules her life
3.) ¦(COURT/LAW)¦ [>I always + adv/prep, T]
to make an official decision about something, especially a legal problem
→↑decree rule that
The judge ruled that she should have custody of the children.
rule on
The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the case.
rule in favour of/against sb/sth
The tribunal ruled in her favour.
be ruled illegal/unlawful etc
This part of the bill was ruled unconstitutional.
4.) rule the roost informal
to be the most powerful person in a group
It's his wife who rules the roost in their house.
5.) rule sb/sth with a rod of iron also rule sb with an iron fist/hand
to control a group of people in a very severe way
Although he was a fair man, he ruled us with an iron fist.
6.) sb/sth rules informal
used to say that the team, school, place etc mentioned is better than any other
Arsenal rules OK. BrE
graffiti saying 'Poheny High rules'
7.) ¦(DRAW A LINE)¦ [T]
to draw a line using a ruler or other straight edge
Rule a line under each answer.
→↑overrule,let your heart rule your head atheart
rule out [rule sth/sb<=>out] phr v
1.) to decide that something is not possible or suitable
The police have ruled out suicide.
She has refused to rule out the possibility of singing again.
2.) to make it impossible for something to happen
The mountainous terrain rules out most forms of agriculture.
3.) to state that someone will not be able to take part in a sports event
rule something/somebody<=>out of
He has been ruled out of the match with a knee injury.

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